Macarthur farmers still under pressure

Glenmore grazier Gavin Moore is doing it tough on the farm. Picture: Simon Bennett
Glenmore grazier Gavin Moore is doing it tough on the farm. Picture: Simon Bennett

Cooler weather might be on the way but the pressure on farmers to keep their animals and crops alive is heating up.

Macarthur farmers are still struggling to feed their stock and the Dilly Drought Drive is hoping to raise more funds to help them get through winter.

Drought drive organiser and The Oaks resident Sharon Robertson said they hoped to raise at least $50,000 to purchase water for local farmers.

"There hasn't been enough rain to fill the dams even though paddocks out this way are looking green," she said.

"In fact, if you look closely there are more weeds than grass in a lot of the paddocks out this way.

"We are still dropping 100,000 litres of water a week to our farmers and we are expecting that to go up over winter."

The Dilly Drought Drive was created in March 2018 to help farmers struggling through tough drought conditions.

Glenmore grazier Gavin Moore said the shire's farmers were still struggling to feed their animals and keep crops thriving despite recent rain and cooler weather.

"We have less than six months worth of water for our stock in the dams," he said.

"We are pumping water from one dam to the others just to keep stock alive.

"It's looking like a dry winter as well which doesn't bode well for a good start to spring or summer."

Ms Robertson said the dry weather was compounded by winter frost.

"We get a lot of frost in the shire and that is no good for grass growth," she said.

"Grass does not thrive in the cold so farmers will struggle to feed their animals as the cooler weather kicks in.

"Out west they are a lot worse off than us though - all over Australia farmers are still feeling the drought."

Campbelltown based charity organisation, We Are Community is also collecting hamper items for farmers.

Ms Robertson said farmers across the region were grateful for the help.

"Simple food items or recipe bases like canned tomatoes are always appreciated," she said.

"Bottled water is also handy because they can grab that and head out for the day rather than using their dam water.

"Cleaning products are also really appreciated.

"We are only asking for simple things to take a bit of the pressure off the farmers."

Ms Robertson said the end of the drought was nowhere in sight.

"We need to remember that it will take our farmers at least a decade to recover from this drought," she said.

"Just to get paddocks back in order or recover lost crops.

"I always love that Facebook post that says, "without farmers you'd be sober, naked and hungry".

"Farmers are the lifeblood of our community and we need to try and keep them here."

The Dilly Drought Drive's bank account details recently changed.

The new account details are: Dilly Drought Drive Rural Aid, BSB: 114 879, account number: 415 417 799.

To contact We Are Community, visit: