World's largest fish and horticulture facility calls Camden home

"People all over the world know about us, but hardly anyone in Camden even knows we are here."

That's the belief of Green Camel chief executive Johann Havenga.

Green Camel is building the world's largest integrated fish and horticulture facility at Cobbitty on Camden's doorstep.

Mr Havenga said their glasshouses had the capability to grow food and barramundi year round.

The organisation is able to grow more than 130,000 kilograms of fresh leafy greens in an area of just one acre.

"We are currently producing organic leafy greens including basil, coriander, mixed lettuce and other varieties," he said.

"A new glasshouse, once constructed, will produce vine-crops.

"These crops currently include snacking tomatoes and truss tomatoes but can be expanded to other vine varieties such as cucumbers, capsicum and eggplant.

"As a research facility the farm continues to trial other exotic crop types too."

Green Camel is made up of a team of scientists, agronomists and engineers who work to develop technology and produce organic produce at large scale.

"Our latest development 'Cobbitty 2.0' will be a working research and production facility," Mr Havenga said.

People all over the world know about us, but hardly anyone in Camden even knows we are here.

Johann Havenga, Green Camel chief executive

"Our Camden-based operations are highly focussed around our technology development. We do research in collaboration with the University of Sydney."

Mr Havenga said the company's glasshouses were anything but average.

He said the glasshouses used fish waste from the farmed barramundi to fertilise the crops (a process known as aquaculture).

"Our bespoke technology converts fish waste into nutrient and microbe-rich irrigation water.

"The glasshouse provides a protective environment for us to grow in as we are not allowed to use pesticides or fertiliser, being organic.

"The glasshouses provide a protective environment to produce in higher density than field crops. We are keen to investigate further expansion and growth opportunities in the Camden area."