Campbelltown's Animal Justice Party candidate wants to protect koalas

A former soldier has put his hand up to be the next MP for Campbelltown.

Matthew Stellino is the Animal Justice Party's candidate for the Campbelltown state seat in next weekend's election.

The Campbelltown resident feels passionately about the protection of local wildlife.

"I see the biggest issue in the upcoming election as balancing the need for development to house our population growth with the damage we can cause our unique flora and fauna by poor planning or encroaching into green space," Mr Stellino said.

"It is now well-known that we have the last disease-free population of koalas in the state and the community has been demanding the appropriate care of them for some time now.

"The Animal Justice Party plans to enact the recommendations of key community groups, including the protection of travel corridors, reestablishing buffer zones and restoring food sources for the koalas."

The industrial machine installer has "worked tirelessly in animal activism" and "has led a large contingent of volunteers for several years".

He said the Animal Justice Party was community-minded and driven by the values of 'KERN' - Kindness, Empathy, Respect and Non-Violence.

"We will seek to involve the community much more on legislation that affects them," Mr Stellino said.

"On a state level, the Animal Justice Party is looking to end greyhound racing, allow companion animals on public transport, demand mandatory shade for farm animals, ban the use of exotic animals like lions and monkeys in circuses as well as ending the horrific practice of battery cages for egg-laying hens.

"Locally, I would love to see national park status given to the land either side of the Georges River, from Appin to Glenfield, to protect it from development.

"We have some of the most beautiful, clean waterholes, bushland and species of animals and this will ensure it stays that way for future generations to enjoy as we have."

The election will be held on March 23.