Campbelltown candidate wants to give planning power 'back to the community'

Michael Clark thinks Campbelltown is shouldering more than its fair share of development and will not cope into the future.

The new Sustainable Australia candidate for the Campbelltown state seat in next weekend's election has entered the political arena because he is fed up with the region's overdevelopment.

"The biggest issue Campbelltown faces, along with surrounding areas, is the level of overdevelopment and environmental flora and fauna destruction under our current planning laws," the 57-year-old said.

"South-west Sydney is experiencing an unfair share of unsustainable population explosion which is the root cause of this problem - this needs to change."

The recently retired manufacturing finance director - who had a 36-year career in Ingleburn, rising through the ranks from the factory floor - said locals should have more say when it comes to important planning decisions.

"We want better planning to stop overdevelopment," he said.

"Real planning power should be returned to local communities.

"Essential community infrastructure - such as schools, hospitals, roads and public transport - should be in place before, not after, housing developments are approved."

Mr Clark has never been involved in politics before, but his dissatisfaction with planning decisions in Macarthur forced his hand this year.

He hopes people will vote for Sustainable Australia on March 23.

"A vote for myself is a vote for Sustainable Australia, and a return to planning laws in the best interest of the local community," he said.

"The impacts on people's lifestyles and their local environment from overdevelopment is currently out of control."