Camden Keep Sydney Open candidate wants young people to have their say

Daniel Aragona
Daniel Aragona

Harrington Park DJ Daniel Aragona is hoping to turn the tables on the state government's crackdown on live music.

Mr Aragona has thrown his hat in the ring as the Keep Sydney Open candidate for the Camden state seat.

The passionate musician and producer said music and culture played a large part in his campaign.

"I have never been involved with politics prior to now," Mr Aragona said.

"As a musician, I had always advocated for Keep Sydney Open before they were a political party; my passion for music was and is being ripped from me by the current government.

"What more could I do when I couldn't place my trust in politicians that were not delivering and taking more than they give?

"That was my influence to stand up and be a voice, not just for music, but for the community and people who are over politicians and power hungry government."

Keep Sydney Open began as a protest against lockout laws introduced in the city in 2014.

The movement has grown to more than 60,000 supporters over the past five years, culminating in a political party being formed ahead of this year's state election.

Mr Aragona said he was hoping to be a voice for the community and engage young people in politics.

"I believe the biggest issue in Camden for this election is lack of transparency - the community is sick of poor planning and development," he said.

"There has been a blindfold thrown over the people of Camden.

"We want to abolish lockout laws and improve street safety, we want to tear up the 'nanny state' by implementing harm minimisation strategies that are evidence-based and audited by health professionals.

"Above all that, we want to support the growth of small businesses/startups and ultimately make NSW liveable, fair and open.

"I am [also] teaching young people that every single vote matters and if they have a voice, use it."

The state election will be held on March 23.