Music festival for people with disability to be trialled in Campbelltown

Relaxing music festival. Picture: Meredith O'Shea
Relaxing music festival. Picture: Meredith O'Shea

Campbelltown will pilot a music festival designed specifically for people with disability following a council motion this week.

Councillor Margaret Chivers said everyone deserved a chance to have the same life experiences, but people with disability and those on the autism spectrum often found it particularly difficult to attend music festivals.

She said Campbelltown had an opportunity to lead the way and launch a festival unlike anything else in Sydney.

"We just need to modify a festival to make it as accessible as possible for people with physical, learning, mental or other disabilities," Cr Chivers said.

"Most music festivals have flashing lights, loud music and there are no quiet areas.

"We need a festival where the music is not uncomfortably loud, without flashing lights, with plenty of room to move around, flat ground for wheelchairs and festival friends - easily identifiable individuals dotted around the site who can provide assistance.

"There should also be a dog stop for assistance dogs."

Most councillors applauded Cr Chivers' motion and were keen to see the idea get off the ground.

Councillor Ben Gilhome said the festival would also provide a great chance for performers and artists with disabilities to ply their trade.

He said Campbelltown had a larger disabled population than many other areas of metropolitan Sydney, followed by Penrith and Bankstown.

Councillor Karen Hunt said she believed the festival would be a "great success".

"I believe this is a great way to include the whole community in everything, not just able-bodied individuals," she said.

Councillor Darcy Lound said the event had the potential to be a great economic driver in the region.

"This could be the start of something big," he said.

"If the pilot goes well then we can try and attract people not just from Campbelltown and Macarthur but all over the state.

"This is a great notice of motion."

Cr Chivers had similar hopes.

"We should start small and grow this into something that Campbelltown will be renowned for," she said.

Councillor Ben Moroney said he couldn't wait to see the festival get off the ground.

"As long as no one tells Gladys Berejiklian, this might just be the last music festival left in Sydney," he said.

The Macarthur region's biggest music festival, Secret Garden at Brownlow Hill, finished up its decade long run at the Downes Family Farm last month.