Plan to 'unlock' Camden's heritage homes

Camden's rich colonial history can be seen in the many historic buildings across the region - however most of them are locked to the public.

The Camden Heritage Advisory Committee wants to turn the key and unlock the region's heritage homes for a special event.

Committee members hope to host 'Unlock Camden' during History Week this year.

Councillors supported the initiative at last night's council meeting.

Heritage committee chairperson and councillor Cindy Cagney said it was an exciting idea and a positive for the community.

"This idea was raised by one of the committee members as a chance to add to the tourism offerings in Camden," she said.

"We think History Week would be the perfect time to hold this event because it would fit in with the great activities already on offer.

"Some of these buildings places that people would not normally have access to."

Camden is home to some of the region's most beautiful historic houses including Gledswood Homestead, Macaria, Camelot, Studley Park House, Harrington Park Homestead, Orielton Homestead and many more.

While Cr Cagney could not confirm which houses would be on display, she said it was a chance to embrace Camden's past.

"There are so many wonderful places to visit," she said.

"We hope to concentrate a bit on the buildings and houses in Camden town centre."

Councillor Paul Farrow said he was proud to support this idea.

"It would be good to see this initiative in action - it will highlight the heritage buildings we have in the area," he said.

"It's a chance to showcase some parts of Camden that people don't normally see."

The council will now write to the owners of the region's historic homes and ask them to open their properties for inspection.

Cr Cagney hopes the event will be held over a couple of days.

"We have volunteers ready to provide information about the homes and work the event," she said.

"This is a very exciting idea."