Knafeh Bakery to set up pop-up shop in Oran Park

Great food, culture and big beards will be celebrated in Oran Park next week.

Knafeh Bakery, otherwise known as the "Bearded Bakers" will set up a temporary pop-up shop at Oran Park Podium for four nights.

Knafeh Bakery is a popular pop-up bakery which is based in an old shipping container. The team regularly travels to different locations from the state.

Knafeh Bakery creator Ameer El-Issa told the Advertiser that his crew would team up with Oran Park-based business Two Chicks for the Macarthur visit.

"We are very excited, the Two Chicks have the same values as us," he said.

"We will bring our experience and culture, and our love of people and food too.

"We look forward to exploring Macarthur... I don't think it will be our last visit."

The Bearded Bakers specialise in making a traditional middle-eastern dessert called knafeh.

Mr El-Issa said knafeh was similar to a "hot crème brulée" and drizzled with a fragrant sugar syrup.

He said the desserts were baked fresh and could be custom made, such as topped with pistachios.

Mr El-Issa said the Knafeh Bakery's journey began nearly five years ago and had continued to grow in popularity.

"We sell an experience, rather than a product. We try to be really unique and innovative," he said.

"We've been going almost five years ago now but feel like we're just warming up."

The Bearded Bakers and Two Chicks will serve delicious meals from Thursday, March 21 to Sunday, March 24, 6pm till late.