Camden independent candidate wants public transport hub built at Glenlee

Not good enough: Andrew Simpson wants to bring awareness to Camden's public transport issues. Picture: Simon Bennett
Not good enough: Andrew Simpson wants to bring awareness to Camden's public transport issues. Picture: Simon Bennett

Andrew Simpson thinks Camden's public transport issues will go from bad to worse if action isn't taken soon.

But the independent candidate for the Camden state seat has come up with some solutions.

Mr Simpson wants to see express bus services to Macarthur's train stations, more parking built at Leppington station, Oran Park train station works fast-tracked and a new public transport hub constructed at Glenlee.

"Public transport in Camden is not easily accessible for the forecasted growth of the region let alone the current population," he said.

"A large percentage of the people who live here travel outside of the area for work.

"A lot of people also travel out of the area for entertainment in the city or to visit the beach or family and our roads are congested as it is."

Mr Simpson said road upgrades such as Narellan Road were simply playing catch-up and not capable of catering for the region's future growth.

"A lot of Camden's problem is based on the fact that we have one train station, which is Leppington in the north," he said.

"Residents in the south need access to a public transport hub and I think Glenlee is appropriate because it does not currently have a lot of housing and there is no short-term plan for the site."

The Camden business owner said the hub could then be linked to the future Spring Farm Parkway to provide a direct link to the M5.

"I think this plan would be possible in the next term of government provided the appropriate planning and community consultation is completed and the funds are spent on the completion of Spring Farm Parkway," Mr Simpson said.

"It would make it easier for people in the region's south to reach the motorway and speed up bus services.

"At the moment a 20-minute trip from south Camden to Campbelltown can take up to 50 minutes by bus.

"A bus from Gregory Hills to Leppington station can take up to 37 minutes - we should be trying to implement a faster route."

Premier Gladys Berejiklian last week announced the Liberal government would build an additional 350 parking spaces at Leppington Station if they were elected in March.

However Mr Simpson said state government-owned land near the station could cater for up to 2000 new spaces.

"I am not sure and cannot comment on why this land is not being used," he said.

"I don't see why it couldn't be used for more parking even in a temporary format.

"Meanwhile people continue to park in dangerous locations because they cannot find safe spaces to park at the station."

Mr Simpson will provide further details about his public transport proposals on his website.