School open days: Join the leadership team

LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Being a school leader can not only be fun. It can be beneficial for students in their future careers.
LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Being a school leader can not only be fun. It can be beneficial for students in their future careers.


School leadership teams are a great way for students to get more involved in the school community.

But there are also a lot of other benefits.

Leadership teams can also help students make friends and develop their skill.

Leadership teams are often nominated by fellow students or teachers, so this can be a confidence builder for students.

It is also a great way for students to get to know their peers.

Whether they are organising a fete or school disco, or helping out younger students, being on a leadership team can also teach students about responsibility.

Having a say in school events can also be fun, especially when deciding on themes and activities.

School leaders can also take on a mentoring role, which can be beneficial for both fellow students and the leadership team.

Some schools have senior school leaders who help mentor junior school leaders. 

Most school leaders also have active roles on Student Representative Committees (SRC).

Having to lead assemblies, give speeches and attend community events can provide students with public speaking abilities and networking opportunities.

These skills could be particularly valuable in their future careers.

At some schools, the leadership team may also be responsible for looking after special school items or trophies, this could even the school or Australian flag.

This added level of responsibility is a great way for students to learn about school history.

Being on a leadership team can also create new friendships.

As students from different circles, grades and classes are able to mix, team members could find themselves making friends with people they otherwise may not meet.

The leadership team may go on excursions or leadership camps, that are not only fun, but also provide the basis for lasting friendships.

It can also be a great resume booster.

Having prefect or school captain on your resume could be a nice addition for future employers.

It not only demonstrates the level of respect you received from the school community, but it could also demonstrate responsibility, leadership and interpersonal skills you developed in that time.

Of course, being on the leadership team also allows plenty of time for fun.

Some schools participate team bonding days and allow captains and prefects to lead school sporting or social events.

Of course there are plenty of opportunities to represent schools in many other ways, but being a part of a school leadership team could create a good foundation for the students future.

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