Wollondilly councillor's water park proposal makes a splash

Councillor Simon Landow hopes his proposal for a new water play park will make a splash at Monday's Wollondilly Council meeting.

Cr Landow is seeking council support to build a $300,000 water park in the shire, using funds from the City Deal Livability fund for the Picton Cutural/Administration precinct.

The north ward councillor took to his Facebook page to say that he would like to see these funds used on community projects rather than to build a civic building.

"I requested over a year ago to build a new admin building in Wilton, to me this makes perfect sense because almost all development will be in Wilton," he said.

"This could have been funded by the developers via a VPA and the Picton building building could have still been used for other council departments or community areas.

"Councillors voted against this and instead want to build a $30 million project and [disguise] the admin building as a cultural precinct.

"Yes some elements will be cultural...but the prime idea is to build a new admin building."

Cr Landow wrote the civic centre had been "dressed up" to comply with the strict city deal guidelines.

"The community will miss out on a much-needed and wanted park because of no forward thinking," the post said.

"I'm not going to let council waste this opportunity."

Camden Council's recently completed water park at Elderslie attracts thousands of visitors each week.

The council will also team up with Greenfields Development Company to construct Macarthur's largest water play space at Oran Park.

The Advertiser has reached out to Simon Landow for further comment.