Independent candidate announces grab for Camden state seat

Andrew Simpson has announced that he will run for the Camden state seat in the March 2019 election/

Andrew Simpson has announced that he will run for the Camden state seat in the March 2019 election/

Andrew Simpson is most recognisable as the face of the M9 Outer Sydney Orbital Action Group and now the Cobbitty local is ready to kick off a political career.

Mr Simpson has just announced he will be running as an independent candidate in the March 2019 state election.

Mr Simpson and his wife Jess moved to the region five years ago, however Mrs Simpson grew up locally, attending St Paul’s Catholic Primary School and Elderslie High School.

The small business owner said he never planned on a career in politics but he was looking forward to campaigning for local issues.

“I think it was a circumstantial move – everything just fell into place,” he said.

“I’m still finding my feet in terms of who’s who in the zoo.

“I looked at running with a smaller party but it’s not who I am. I don’t want to be tied to someone else’s mistakes in policy making.

“I think it resonated with me to run as an authentic independent.

“If someone has a good policy on either side of politics, I would happily vote with them. If people have good ideas for the area, I want to hear them.

“But I’m not one of these independents who is just another party member in sheep’s clothing.”

Mr Simpson said he was passionate about the area.

“In terms of family and community, Camden is the best of both worlds,” he said.

“That sounds corny and tacky but you can literally drive 10 minutes in either direction and you’re in the middle of open fields or you’re at one of the biggest shopping centres in the region.”

Traffic, transport, development, education and preserving the region’s historic icons are top priorities for the election hopeful.

“I’m not anti-development,” he said.

“My own house is just over 10 years old and there are certainly a lot of good housing estates in Camden, like Camden Acres and Kirkham Rise.

“But I also have a lot to talk about when it comes to public health, transport and education and it’s not just the typical air-con and trains conversation.

“I think we need to be smart about where we are heading with policy conversations so we don’t find out four or eight years down the track that nothing has been delivered.

“There has been a strong catch-up game in terms of NBN delivery and other things but we are still so far behind – look at how long it took them to upgrade Narellan Road.

“It seems like planning has not taken into consideration the extra 100,000 people that will be placed here.”