Former St Gregory’s College dorm master convicted of historic child sex abuse

 Picture: Jonathan Carroll
Picture: Jonathan Carroll

A man who was sexually abused by his dorm master while boarding at St Gregory’s College in the 1980s has finally spoken about his lifelong struggle for justice.

Joe* was sexually assaulted by his year 8 dorm master Ross Francis Murrin over a nine-month period in 1985.

Murrin was convicted in 2010 of horrific penetrative sex crimes against Joe.

On Friday the pedophile faced Campbelltown District Court for sentencing related to historic child sex offences against a different victim.

The former Marist brother was sentenced to 10 months in prison with a five month non-parole period for indecent assault of another young student at St Gregorys College in 1985.

Murrin, 63, remained calm and silent as Judge O’Brien handed down his sentence.

Joe was in court to watch the sentencing of his abuser.

He spoke to the Advertiser outside court and said he was disappointed with the outcome of the case.

“It’s devastating to see that happen – is five months all that a 12-year-old’s innocence is worth?” Joe said.

“The lasting psychological effects on the victims are what the court doesn’t see.”

Joe said he was just 12 years old and a year 8 boarder at St Greogry’s when Mr Murrin began assaulting him.

“When I was 38 years of age I had a nervous breakdown and was forced to see a psychologist,” he said.

“My marriage was breaking down, my businesses was suffering and I was depressed but I just couldn’t find a reason why.

“Due to some of my behavioural issues my therapist asked me if I had ever been abused.

“She said part of my therapy would be to confront my abuser. That’s when I decided to come forward – I wanted him charged.”

Murrin served five years in jail after he was convicted in 2010 of six counts of homosexual intercourse with Joe, one count of attempted homosexual intercourse with Joe and two counts of assault with act of indecency against Joe.

Judge O’Brien said on Friday Murrin’s latest offences were ‘less serious’ than the crimes he was jailed for in 2010.

“He has been assessed as having a low risk for re-offending and shown remorse for his conduct,” he said.

“He poses little to no ongoing threat to the community.”

Joe said he knew of students who had been abused by Murrin who had attempted or committed suicide.

“I suppose I am one of the lucky ones because I got some closure and [Murrin] was punished for his crimes against me,” he said.

“Having [Murrin] convicted was not a silver bullet – this is something I still have to confront every day of my life.”

Another forrner St Gregorys College dorm master, Marist brother and teacher, Graeme Mundine, 58, was also sentenced for historic sex offences in Campbelltown District Court this week.


*Name withheld for legal reasons