Firies rescue Kenny the horse from dam in The Oaks

Macarthur firefighters have rescued a horse from a dam in The Oaks today (Wednesday, December 5).

Three Fire and Rescue NSW crews arrived at a Burragorang Road property about 11.30am and found the horse, named Kenny, stuck in a muddy dam.

A FRNSW spokesman said FRNSW crews were supported by a specialist Liverpool Technical Rescue Appliance team.

“This team have special equipment and trained firefighters for larger animal rescues,” he said.

The Oaks Rural Fire Brigade and a veterinarian were also at the scene.

The FRNSW spokesman said firefighters cleared a path to the dam before placing a rescue swing around Kenny.

He said it took crews a few hours to pull the horse to safety.

“We are happy to report that Kenny was back on his feet and doing well as the firies were leaving,” the spokesman said.

Kenny is the second animal to be rescued from a dam at The Oaks this year.

A pregnant cow submerged in dam water was saved by firefighters from a Glendiver Road property in May.

Cows have also been rescued in Menangle and Oakdale dams in recent months.