Glen Alpine couple prove puppy love can stand test of time

People often say that puppy love will never last but Bob and Joy Tracey are proof that isn’t always true.

The Glen Alpine couple married when they were just 15 years old and on November 14 the Traceys will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Ms Tracey said she was the one to make the first move.

“We used to be in a church group together so we would hang out in a big group with our friends all the time,” she said.

“But I think our first official date was when I asked him to go to our school formal.”

Ms Tracey said she never thought it strange to be married at 15 years old.

“We didn’t think we were too young to married – though I think when you are that age you don’t think you are too young for anything,” she said.

“We started out as friends and it just went on from there.”

The couple were married at St John’s Church in Padstow.

They first moved to Macarthur 40 years ago and settled into their family home at Glen Alpine three decades ago.

Ms Tracey became a special education assistant at Briar Road Public School.

The school named an award after Ms Tracey due to her decades of service.

“I loved my time at the school, they still invite me back for award ceremonies which is really lovely,” she said.

Ms Tracey said she loved raising her family in Macarthur.

“I always wanted nothing more than to be a mother and I am lucky to have three beautiful children, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren,” she said.

“When my son and daughter were teenagers we adopted our third child, Ian.

“He was born with spina bifida and epilepsy and he has grown into a wonderful man.”

Mr Tracey said his greatest achievement in life was his family.

“We are so proud of our family,” he said.

“We are very lucky to have them.”

When asked if they had any secrets to a long and happy marriage, the Traceys said it was simple.

“It’s about caring for each other and not being selfish,” Ms Tracey said.

“Work together and be there for each other – don’t just throw it away if it gets too hard.”

Mr Tracey said he was lucky to have met his wife.

“I would not have achieved what I have in life if I didn’t have her,” he said.

“And she’s still cute.”