P-plater caught on video making idiotic U-turn on M1 Princes Motorway at Mount Ousley

A U-turn halfway up Mount Ousley Road is something few would even contemplate, let alone attempt. 

To pull off the idiotic move, the driver would first have to ignore a sign that says ‘U-turn not permitted’ then come to a complete halt in an 80km/h zone.

Once stopped – holding up fast-moving traffic and risking being rear-ended into oncoming traffic –they would have to cross unbroken lines and merge with other cars travelling at 80km/h.

All of this on one of the most dangerous roads in the Illawarra.

But shocking footage posted on popular Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia has captured the moment a P-plater does just that.

“I wonder how many times they have tried this, I'm surprised they survived the first to be honest,” the post read, identifying the owner of the footage as ‘Ryan’.

The video shows a white Mazda with a P-plate flying up the inside northbound lane of Mount Ousley Road before abruptly coming to a stop at a gap in the concrete median barrier.

Traffic in that lane is brought to a standstill as the Mazda puts on its right-hand indicator and turns the wheels slightly to wait for a gap in the southbound traffic.

The car inches forward a few times before completing the U-turn to go back the way they came.

The ludicrous move is captured on camera by the driver directly behind the P-plater, who is forced to brake suddenly and wait up to 30 seconds before the car turns and he is able to continue on his journey. 

The footage was posted on Saturday and within 24 hours had generated more than 1400 comments from shocked and appalled viewers.

“Waiting for the following nose to tail to smash them head first into oncoming traffic,” Shane Elliott posted under the video. 

Matt Tucker wrote: “I’ve had someone do this on the freeway and it’s scary sitting there hoping other cars avoid you. Just insane.” 

“Just keep going until you get the next exit road and use it,” suggested Peter Keen.

​Police said they were aware of the incident but had not received any formal report.