Support Nappy Collective to help families in need

Babies grow so fast and many parents throw away any nappies that their babies have grown out of.

But those nappies could be used to help families in need.

The Nappy Collective will launch its twelfth nappy drive on Friday, October 12.

The two-week campaign calls on Macarthur parents to donate leftover, unused, disposable nappies.

The local collection point this year is Salt of the Earth, suite 4, 1 Somerset Avenue, Narellan.

Nappy Collective chief executive Lani Masuku said the nappy donations would help thousands of children in need.

“We hope to collect 250,000 nappies in October to support these children and, importantly, provide them with access to clean nappies for the next six months,” she said.

“The Nappy Collective, through the power of collective giving, mobilises communities and enables Australians to help vulnerable families in their local communities in a simple and non-financial way.”

The Nappy Collective has collected almost 2.5 million nappies to date.

The monetary value of these donated nappies is more than $1.1 million, but Ms Masuku said the value to families in crisis is immeasurable.

“We’re thankful for support of our community, who continue to make such an impact in their local communities,” she said.

“The need continues to grow as life’s circumstances change for some of the families supported by our beneficiary organisations.

“That’s why we continue to invite parents and families to join us in supporting the most vulnerable members of our society.”


The Nappy Collective was founded in 2013 by Sandra Jacobs. Sandra, who is now CEO of the Bennelong Foundation, found herself asking, “What should we do with all the nappies our babies have grown out of?” Sandra discovered she wasn’t alone, with a group of mothers in her network sharing the same concern. Rather than passing them onto a friend, keeping them for the next child or throwing them away, the group started collecting and donating nappies to women in crisis.

Like all good causes, the organic uptake of its goodwill saw The Nappy Collective gather 1,500 nappies in its first two weeks at The Staple Store, the first drop point. 

Since October 2013, The Nappy Collective has redistributed almost 2.5 million nappies to 200 beneficiary organisations across Australia – that’s over 310,000 clean nappy days for our youngest beneficiaries.

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