Luke Geering to join brother Matt in Sprintcar 410 competition

Catherine Field sprintcar racer Matt Geering will soon be joined by a familiar face as he flies around the speedway track.

Matt, 20, competes in the 410 Sprintcars class as part of the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship.

His younger brother Luke Geering turns 16 in November, making him eligible to compete in the same class.

Matt said he looked forward to competing against his sibling.

“It’s probably going to be weird the first time seeing Luke out there with me,” he said.

“We can be competitive, but I will be worried about beating the other racers on the track rather than focusing on Luke.

“But I’d rather lose to Luke than to anyone else out there.”

Matt said his brother could expect some fast and fierce competition on the track.

“It gets pretty hectic out there,” he said.

“The first few laps are wild as all of the cars are bunched together but then we spread out as we find out rhythm.”

Matt said the Geering family had always been interested in speedway racing.

“We spent a lot of our childhood at speedway tracks, mainly in Parramatta,” he said.

“Our dad used to race in the 410 Sprintcar class and he did other speedway events before that.”

Matt has competed at a professional sprintcar level for nearly five years representing his family-run Geering Motorsport Team.

The elder brother spent two years competing in the Lightning class before he was elevated to the 410 sprintclass in 2016.

Behind the wheel of a Maximum sprintcar, Matt entered his third season in late September and finished 19th overall in round one at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway.

Matt said he loved the challenge of controlling a sprintcar when travelling at high speed.

“The sprintcars are electric and they take a while to master,” he said.

“These cars only have two pedals – throttle and brake. There is nothing fancy about them.”

Luke, 15, has a strong background in go-kart racing.

His record includes winning seven Australian titles and 15 state championships.

Luke will drive a J&J sprintcar in the 410 Sprintcar class next month representing the Geering Motorsport Team.

Matt said his younger brother was excited about moving up to the sprintcar category.

“Luke will be going from driving a 25-horsepower go-kart to a 850-sprintcar but he likes a challenge,” he said.

“The sprintcars are quite powerful and their engines are similar to a big V8.”

For more information, visit the Ultimate Sprintcar Championships website.