Huge housing plan for Silverdale not the right fit

Picture: Wollondilly Council

Picture: Wollondilly Council

Wollondilly councillors are set to vote on a development which could change the face of Silverdale forever at next week’s council meeting.

The Eltondale Release Area Planning Proposal seeks to rezone approximately 1,595 hectares of rural land to accommodate almost 9000 homes for approximately 26,000 people.

Council staff have recommended that councillors should not support the proposal because it “is of a scale that is not consistent with the character of the area and would detract from the existing rural village character of Silverdale”.

Councillor Matt Gould said the huge proposal was not suitable for Silverdale.

“It is rare to see a proposal with as many issues as this one has,” he said.

“The plan eclipses the current village.

“Significant coal reserves have been identified at the site so it is likely to be mined in future and some of the land has been identified as possible flight corridor for the new Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

“Why would you put tens of thousands of people under direct flight paths to an airport with no curfew?”

Council staff also stated that the proposal was not suitable under the Metropolitan Rural Area guidelines.

It is rare to see a proposal with as many issues as this one has.

Matt Gould

The guidelines allow for a couple of hundred homes to be built in Wollondilly’s villages to accommodate natural population growth but not large scale developments.

Councillor Gould said the Eltondale proposal did not support Wollondilly Council’s ethos on rural living.

“Council has made its position clear on rural living and supporting agricultural production,” he said.

“Some of the land in that area is good agricultural land.”

Cr Gould said many residents had contacted him to express their concerns with the huge proposal.

“We had the proposal on public exhibition a while back and we received several hundred responses,” he said.

“There was also a community meeting and people were spilling out of the Warragamba Town Hall because there wasn’t enough room for everyone.

“People are telling me that they moved out here for rural living so they don’t want anything [the size of this proposal] in Silverdale.”