Culinary festival set to delight local taste buds

Prepare your taste buds – a new culinary carnival is coming to Campbelltown.

FEAST Campbelltown will be a celebration of food and culture for the whole family.

The event is coming to Minto’s Redfern Park on Saturday, September 22.

The lively event will feature a motza of food trucks and stalls, representing a host of international cuisines.

Cultures represented include Greek, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Spanish, Bengali, Fijian, Maori, Indonesian, Filipino, Indian and Italian.

Some of the food stalls in attendance will be Souvlaki on the Run, Hangiworks, Gelato Man, Lookoomania Dessert Van, Feast of the East and more.

The day will also feature a range of cultural stage performances.

Acts include Matthew Doyle, Bambooz Viet, Bangladesh Folk Music, Maara Lone, Shohrat Tursun Trio, Ilisavani Cava and V-Tribe.

Attendees will also enjoy cooking demonstrations between 2pm and 4pm. 

Guests will see the traditional process of cooking a hangi and explore the secrets of Middle Easter cooking.

FEAST also caters for the kids with a range of free activities including cooking classes curated by Kids Love to Cook, an obstacle course, health eating activities, stories from the Dreamtime and foreign language workshops delivered by Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative.

Campbelltown Council decided to launch FEAST this year after a review of the area’s events calendar.

The food festival was introduced to replace Riverfest – a festival of dwindling popularity which celebrated the environment and multiculturalism.

A council report said Riverfest’s competing themes of sustainability and cultural cohesion had caused community confusion.

“With the joint themes of the current Riverfest event, there is an unclear direction or purpose for the event,” the report said.

“This leads to an unclear marketing message and objectives and outcomes for the event.”

The multicultural elements of Riverfest were repurposed for this month’s FEAST festival.

The entire event is drug and alcohol free.

FEAST Campbelltown runs 2pm-9pm on Saturday, September 22. Entry is free and no bookings are required.

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