Camden photography exhibition highlights local talent

If you’re a member of any Camden Facebook community groups, chances are you have seen a photograph taken by Eddie Lim.

Mr Lim is well-known Camden local and former surgeon who captures stunning landscapes around the area.

Mr Lim decided to spend more time behind the camera after he retired earlier this year.

Now he has joined forces with other Camden photographers to put together an exhibition featuring some of their best work.

“This is really my brainchild – we are just a bunch of friends who met while we were studying photography at Macarthur Community College,” he said.

“We aren’t professionals but we love to take photos.

“Like most artists we want the opportunity to show people what we can do.”

The exhibition called ‘Friends who Clique’ will be held at the Camden Museum from September 3 until September 28.

There will be 28 images on display from Adrian D’eathe, Chris Smith, Charles Howat, Eddie Lim, Frances Tang, Marie McLaurin and Peter Sherlock.

Mr Lim said the exhibition would feature a range of photographs and photography styles.

“There is something for everyone,” he said.

“There will be portraiture, abstract, landscape, travel, architecture and then some.”

Mr Lim said it was important to support local artists.

“We have a great need for more places to share our work in Camden,” he said.

“We are very lucky to have the museum but artists are crying out for more places to share their work.

“Art should be shared and enjoyed – I love hearing feedback whether people like it or not, at least people are responding.

“Going to [an exhibition] is a great way to show your support.

“We aren’t professionals, we don’t make any money, we are just passionate local photographers.”

Mr Lim said the exhibition would be a great chance to see what local amateur photographers were achieving.

“You won’t be disappointed,” he said.

“There is something for every taste.”

The exhibition will be held from September 3 to September 28 at the Camden Museum, John Street, Camden.