New owner brings back old-style ‘corner shop’ feel in Elderslie

Lollies under the counter, beetroot juice dripping from burgers and homemade preserves lining the shelves.

That’s the corner shop atmosphere that Jen Wright is bringing back to Elderslie.

Ms Wright has just notched up six weeks as the brand new owner of the Elderslie Family Store and she wants everyone to know the classic corner shop is here to stay.

But the Elderslie resident’s association with the store didn’t begin this year – it started years ago.

“I actually worked at the store when it was under previous ownership,” Ms Wright said.

“I worked there for about five years until 2014.”

When Ms Wright saw the store was on the market again, she knew she couldn’t miss her chance to scoop it up.

“I’ve owned a business before so I knew a little bit about what I was doing, but it was still a little bit scary,” she said.

“I just want people to come in and feel like they’ve had a good customer experience.”

Ms Wright said she felt the store had become a bit “run down” in recent years and was determined to bring back a sense of halcyon days.

“I love the lollies on the counter and the classic Aussie, beetroot-filled takeaway burgers,” she said.

“This classic corner shop is a part of the community. 

“I feel like corner shops have almost been run out of town these days – there’s so many ‘convenience stores’ like 7/11 and places you expect in the inner city.

“People don’t know each other’s names in over-commercialised convenience stores.”

Ms Wright has also brought back the customer-favourite Gracie’s jams, pickles and preserves, homemade by the former owners from her staff member days.

She thinks the homemade, heartfelt touch sets the store apart from other more fast-paced establishments.

Ms Wright said communities like Camden and Macarthur more broadly needed quaint little corner shops to keep community spirit alive.

“I want the customers to tell me what they want from their corner store,” she said.

“Most people have been really lovely so far.

“We’re really taking on board what they say. People have told us that the potato scallops weren’t up to scratch, so I tried a few different suppliers and eventually started making them myself.

“It’s going well so far.” 

Elderslie Family Store is located at 67 Harrington St, Elderslie.