Camden and Wollondilly’s top teams battle it out at netball grand finals: Photos

It might have been a wet weekend but nothing could dampen the spirits of the Camden and District Netball Association’s players.

Thousands of netballers, supporters and coaches headed to the Narellan Sports Hub on Saturday to watch teams battle it out for grand final success.

While there was a little sprinkle of rain throughout the day, all 28 games were played on time without delay.

The 28 games were shared between 11 of the association’s clubs including Benkennie, Bringelly, Camden RSL, Currans Hill, Douglas Park-Wilton, Harrington Park, Macarthur, Mt Annan, Oran Park, Razorback and The Oaks. 

Mt Annan had the largest representation with a massive 11 teams securing a place in grand finals.

Mt Annan Netball Club president Lyndall Schuhmeir said this was a record number for the club.

“Everyone was so excited – we are super proud of our players and coaches,” she said.

“The support from within the club has been amazing this year and this success will secure our future as most of our premiership teams were junior teams.”

In the Senior Division 1 game the Benkennie Bandits went to battle with fellow club members Benkennie Balloons for the second year in a row.

This was a close highly contested game with the Balloons one goal up at the end of the first quarter. 

The Bandits fought back hard in the second quarter scoring a massive 12 goals, leaving the younger Balloons playing catch up for the rest of the game. 

The game finished with the Bandits on 31 and the Balloons on 29.

Another of the day’s hotly contested matches was between the Mt Annan Celtics (43) and the Camden RSL Hurricanes (42) in Senior Division 6. 

Camden RSL led for the first half of the game before the Mt Annan Celtics went into attack mode.

The last quarter had spectators holding their breath until the final siren.

Mt Annan Celtics claimed victory by just one goal.

Full results:

  • 10A: Benkennie Blazers (36) defeated Mt Annan Cornettos (12)
  • 10B: Mt Annan Magnums (17) defeated Harrington Park Pink Diamonds (6)
  • 10C: Douglas Park Pandas (17) defeated Oran Park Beetles (8)
  • 11A:  Mt Annan Magic (24) defeated Camden RSL Sky Rockets (20)
  • 11B: Macarthur Storm (32) defeated Oran Park Pistons (9)
  • 11C: The Oaks Cool Catz (31) defeated Razorback Rainbows (13)
  • 12A: Oran Park Mercedes (37) defeated Mt Annan Sonics (26)
  • 12B: Oran Park Brockies (33) defeated Razorback Raindrops (30)
  • 13A: Harrington Park Aquamarines (44) d Mt Annan Marvels (30)
  • 13B: Bringelly Magic (34) defeated Bringelly Violets (28)
  • 13C: Mt Annan Blue Jays (27) defeated Currans Hill Chihuahuas (24)
  • 14A:  Bringelly Sharks (34) defeated Camden RSL Lightening (23)
  • 14B: Razorback Rebels (24) defeated Mt Annan Hawks (22)
  • Junior Div 1:   Benkennie Bunnies (49) defeated Camden RSL Rangers (36)
  • Junior Div 2:   Bringelly Phoenix (36) defeated Currans Hill Crickets (25)
  • Junior Div 3:   Bringelly Kaos (43) defeated Macarthur Tigers (38)
  • Junior Div 4:   The Oaks Pantherz (42) defeated Mt Annan Sapphires (19)
  • Junior Div 5:   Oran Park Falcons (42) defeated Bringelly Beans (32)
  • Senior Div 1: Benkennie Bandits (31) defeated Benkennie Balloons (29)
  • Senior Div 2:  Bringelly Swifts (37) defeated Bringelly Storm (33)
  • Senior Div 3:  Bringelly Thunder (37) defeated Mt Annan Spirits (16)
  • Senior Div 4:  Douglas Park Devils (33) defeated Mt Annan Sparks (30)
  • Senior Div 5:  Oran Park Corvettes (36) defeated Macarthur Minx (26)
  • Senior Div 6:  Mt Annan Celtics (43) defeated Camden RSL Hurricanes (42) 
  • Senior Div 7:  Harrington Park Garnetts (55) defeated Camden RSL Roulettes (44)
  • Senior Div 8:  Razorback Rusties (42) defeated Macarthur Warriors (32)
  • Senior Div 9:  Oran Park Firebirds (40) defeated Harrington Park Jades (36)