Glenwood students’ short film headed to Cannes festival

Loryn Briggs, Moetahi Shortland and  Rhianna Gascoine prepare for Cannes Short Film Festival.
Loryn Briggs, Moetahi Shortland and Rhianna Gascoine prepare for Cannes Short Film Festival.

One short film has taken a group of talented kids from Glenfield to the south of France.

Glenwood Public School’s short horror film Chocolypse!  – which was already named a winner at the International School Film Festival in Italy – has been accepted in the Cannes Short Film Festival next month.

Only 56 short films from around the world were accepted in the festival and Chocolypse! is the only entry from a school.

The film details a zombie virus outbreak at the school after the launch of a new chocolate bar.

One student is spared from the virus and must work to save her peers.

Glenwood principal Jay McInney said he was extremely proud of the students’ work.

“It feels me with great pride to see our students’ vision, creativity and resourcefulness receiving such world-wide critical acclaim,” Mr McInney.

“Through the knowledge, experience and strategic autonomy of their teacher, a student-driven film piece that pays homage to the early pioneers of the film industry was created.

“The experiences our students gained from this journey cannot be understated.

Chocolypse! is an educational beacon illustrating the curiosity of the young mind and the power of film to empower and celebrate learning.”

Class teacher Tom Gough worked with the students to create the film last year.

He told the Advertiser “95 per cent” of everything on screen was created by the students.

The kids watched classic silent movies like Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari as inspiration for the film.

They infused techniques like long shadows and ‘Dutch angles’ into their own picture.

The Glendwood students not only acted in the movie, but also operated the cameras, wrote and performed the music and cut the movie together on iPad programs.

In addition to the International School Film Festival, Chocolypse! has also screened at the Imagination Lunchbox Festival in America and is touring Australia as part of the Little Big Shots program.

To watch the film, go to the Glenwood Public School website or Channel Glenwood on YouTube, or get the Big Screen Experience at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre as part of Little Big Shots from the 10th to the 14th of October.