Picton firefighters rescue cow from Oakdale dam on Thursday

Picton firefighters have rescued a cow from an Oakdale dam this afternoon (August 16).

Picton Fire and Rescue (FRNSW) firefighters were called out to a property on Barkers Lodge Road about noon.

Captain Bill Morris said the cow was stuck in mud when crews arrived.

“The dam was almost empty but it was really muddy,” he said.

“It took us about two hours to get the cow out.”

Picton FRNSW members used the property owner’s tractor as an anchor to dislodge the cow.

Firefighters had to dig underneath the animal and tied a winch around the cow’s body.

The Liverpool Technical Rescue Team then arrived on scene to support the Wollondilly crew.

The team moved used a sled to transfer the cow from the dam to a spot under a tree on the Oakdale property.

Mr Morris said the cow was now in good spirits.

“The cow is about 12 years old and was reunited with her calf who had been running around,” he said.

Mr Morris said Picton FRNSW made a “fair few” animal rescues each year.

“We have to use timber and pallets or whatever is laying around [as part of the rescue],” he said.

“We adapt and use whatever equipment is available.”