Council completes major road upgrades

Finns Road in Cawdor was recently reconstructed. Picture: Chris Lane
Finns Road in Cawdor was recently reconstructed. Picture: Chris Lane

When you drive around the shire you may have noticed your journey has become a little less bumpy.

That’s because Wollondilly Council has completed major upgrades to several key roads and more construction works are planned for later this year.

The council has made major improvements to Finns Road in Cawdor, which is a notorious pothole-ridden stretch of bitumen, in the past two months.

Road reconstruction and improvements have also occurred at Westbourne Avenue, Thirlmere,  Mayfarm Road, Mount Hunter and Ruddocks Road, Lakesland.

Mayor Judith Hannan said there had been major improvements made to large slabs of road.

“These upgrades are not the end,” she said. “They are just the beginning.

“This year is the largest roads works program the council has ever had.”

Drivers will also soon be driving along smooth bitumen on Menangle Road, Silverdale Road, Thirlmere Way and Remembrance Drive when parts of these roads are reconstructed later this year.

The council will spend about $8.8 million on road reconstruction works around the shire this financial year. Next year $10.4 million will be spent.

Cr Hannan said the council had listened to the complaints of residents and it was fixing the roads.

“People have gotten used to saying the roads are an issue but now there are huge slabs of nice road,” she said.

“Some of the roads used to be shocking but now they are drastically different.

“In the next couple of years more will be improved.”

Cr Hannan reminded residents that she too drove on the roads and knew they were in poor condition.

“We have 840 kilometres of road and it costs $1 million to construct a new road,” she said.

“I would love for the roads to be fixed instantly but we need to focus our funds on the main roads.

“There will still be the occasional pot hole but the major roads, where motorists can go at high speed, are being addressed first.

“We have spent the money from the special rate variation on the roads and it has made a huge difference.”

Other road work included in the past two months included new kerb and gutter on York Road and Leiha Place in Tahmoor. Embankment works have also occurred on Moreton Park Road, Menangle.