K-Ranch Arena hosts introduction to equestrian event: Photos

A day of fun, dance and gymnastics on horseback was enjoyed in Macarthur recently.

K-Ranch Arena hosted a two-day introduction to equestrian vaulting clinic.

The clinic was conducted by members of the Southern Highlands Vaulting Team, Sydney Vaulting Group, and Bathurst and District Vaulters.

More than 20 children were taken through their paces on Highlands team horses Morgan, Noah and Smokey.

Participants enjoyed interactive lessons and built up their skills for a display for their families and friends.

Skills learnt included parading dances, barrel squad freestyle and freestyle moves on the horses.

Southern Highlands Vaulting Team’s Kerri Wilson said the clinic was a joyful experience for all involved.

“The children deserve to be congratulated on their enthusiasm, positive energy and keenness to learn this new sport,” she said. 

“There was great team work, thanks to all for volunteering their time and expertise to share their passion for equestrian vaulting.”

Preparations are now underway for the Australian Vaulting Championships and CVI to be held at K-Ranch Arena from October 4 to 7.

Wilson said there would be international vaulters competing at the event.

Entry is free for spectators.