Camden residents asked to help council preserve endangered rainforest

Did you know that Camden is home to patches of endangered rainforest habitat?

Some parts of the Cobbitty Hills are covered with sections of dry rainforest.

Cobbitty residents with some of this native rainforest on their properties could be part of a conservation project to help preserve areas of this critically endangered environment.

The Reveal and Restore Western Sydney Dry Rainforest project is a collaboration with Camden Council, Greening Australia and other environmental groups to conserve the remnants of the forest.

Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak urged residents to get involved.

“We anticipate that with the proper advice and support, property owners could help to sustain these remnant patches of dry rainforest in our area,” she said.

“While they are highly fragmented, these forests play an important role in the ecology of our region and need to be kept as habitat for the native birds and animals that rely on them.”

Environmental mapping of the area has shown that most of the area’s dry rainforest on private property is on south facing slopes in Cobbitty Hills.

Landholders would have an experienced habitat restoration ecologist from Greening Australia meet on their property and discuss opportunities about best practice vegetation management.

Motion-sensing wildlife cameras will be set up to identify what animals are using the rainforest at each property.

All this information will feed into the development of a specific Vegetation Management Plan for each landholder to improve the quality and extent of the dry rainforest.

Landholders have until September 30 to register their interest in the project by contacting the project manager on 9677 6200.