Campbelltown Council refuses to answer DA questions

Campbelltown Council has refused to answer questions about community access to DAs on public exhibition.

The council came under fire recently when several Macarthur figures voiced their frustration at being unable to access development applications online.

Neighbouring councils make their DAs available to view on their websites, but Campbelltown does not.

Campbelltown Council’s acting director of city development, Fletcher Rayner, told the Advertiser last month that the council was ‘seeking to modify’ its procedures and seek permission from applicants to place their DAs online.

The Advertiser reached out to the council multiple times this week for more information about its intention to modify DA procedures. However, the Advertiser did not receive a response before deadline.

The council was asked:

  •  How long has the council been ‘seeking to modify procedures’ to make DAs available online?
  • When will the review be complete and what will be changed?
  • Do residents currently have any options other than viewing DAs in person at Campbelltown Library or the council building, and if so, what are they? 

As it stands, any resident seeking to view a DA on public exhibition must visit the library or council building and ask to see a hard copy.

They are not allowed to make copies or take photos of the documents. Residents are also required to surrender their library card or identification when viewing a DA at HJ Daley Library.

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