NSW Police investigate car crash on Hume Highway following pursuit

Two men sustained minor injuries following a single car crash near Menangle early Sunday morning.

Around 1.10am, a Ford Falcon was detected travelling in excess of the speed limit while heading south on the Hume Highway.

It is alleged the driver then did not obey police directions to stop.

A pursuit began and it ended when the Falcon crashed into the Partridge VC rest area, landing on its roof.

One police officer arrived on scene and extinguished a fire in the Falcon’s engine.

The other officer removed the Falcon’s driver and three passengers.

Two of the men suffered minor injuries in the crash, while the other two were not hurt.

The 21-year-old driver and injured passenger were transferred to hospital for treatment of minor injuries and for further medical checks.

Legal action is expected to be taken against the driver when he is released from hospital.