Harrington Park triathlete teen gunning for gold

Ready to race: Cody Turner will compete at the Triathlon world championships for the first time in September. Picture: Chris Lane
Ready to race: Cody Turner will compete at the Triathlon world championships for the first time in September. Picture: Chris Lane

 At 17, most teenagers spend their weekends preparing for exams or assignments, shopping or catching up on Netflix.

Cody Turner spends his weekends, and some week days, pushing his body to the limit to train for triathlons.

The Harrington Park teen will represent Australia at the Triathlon World Championships at the Gold Coast in September.

“The last year has been pretty tough and being able to qualify in a season where I had two operations was quite surreal,” Turner said.

“I feel very honored to just have the opportunity to wear the green and gold.”

Turner started out as a long distance runner four years ago and decided to try out triathlons for fun.

The avid athlete trains two to three times a day while attending Broughton Anglican College and studying for his HSC – but Turner said he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Triathlon pushes you beyond your limits and you have to allow it too,” Turner said.

“There are many elements to think about when it comes to putting three sports together so execution with purpose is key.”

The world championship triathlon event includes a 750 metre swim, a 20 kilometre bike and a 5 kilometre run.

“The bike is my favourite leg of the event – it is tactical, fast and hard,” Turner said.

“You have to be very smart on the bike in order to set yourself up both mentally and physically for the run home.”

Picture: Chris Lane

Picture: Chris Lane

Turner travels to High Performance Triathlon based in Sutherland and the Northern Beaches to train.

He is also a part of the Emerging Talent Squad with Triathlon NSW.

“My training has taught me not to focus on outcome but to focus on the processes,” Turner said.

“My goal is to finish my race driven by well-executed processes to put me in the best position possible, to take a podium spot would just be a nice added bonus.”

Turner said he would recommend triathlons as a sport other teens and children.

“I have made life long friends in triathlon from all over the world,” he said.

“It has allowed me to travel with friends and great coaches.

“As much as triathlon is an individual sport I see it as a team sport. 

”I would like to thank Wayne from Right Layne Property and Finance, Wests League Club and Macarthur Triathlon Club for their continued support on my journey.”

Turner is raising funds for his trip to the world championship event, to donate visit: asf.org.au/athletes/cody-turner-journey-to-triathlon-world-championships.