Petition for multi-level car park at Campbelltown Station launched

Gathering support: Commuters sign Campbelltown MP Greg Warren's petition to build a multi-storey commuter car park at Campbelltown train station.
Gathering support: Commuters sign Campbelltown MP Greg Warren's petition to build a multi-storey commuter car park at Campbelltown train station.

Frustrated commuters have been urged to sign a petition pushing for the construction of a multi-level car park at Campbelltown train station.

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren (Labor) has launched the petition to gather support for a car park and encourage both sides of politics to commit to its creation.

Mr Warren debuted the petition at Campbelltown Station on Thursday morning and was pleased with the response from commuters.

“I spoke to a number of early-morning commuters and they couldn’t grab the pen off me quick enough in an effort to sign the petition,” he said.

“I am calling on commuters to sign the petition so we can show that this is a facility the community is desperately crying out for.”

Mr Warren said commuter parking was a huge issue for his constituents, with people sometimes forced to travel to other stations to find a spot.

He said the growing area was deserving of additional parking.

“Prior to the 2015 state election, Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who was then Transport Minister, promised to build a 450-space commuter car park at the station,” Mr Warren said.

“While frustrated commuters are still waiting anxiously for that promise to be delivered, the fact of the matter is that if built tomorrow, that 450-space facility would not solve Campbelltown’s car parking conundrum.

“Campbelltown as a regional city needs and deserves a modern, multi-storey car park that could accommodate a much larger number of vehicles.”

Commuter Jan Olsen said she struggled to find a spot in the morning.

“A new car park is needed because there is nowhere to park,” she said.

“If you get here after 7.15am you can’t park here – the last 12 months have gotten worse.”

Matthew Knopp agreed and said he had to arrive before 7am to secure a space.

“There are more trains leaving from Campbelltown instead of Macarthur station [since last year’s timetable change], so that’s had an effect on the parking as well,” he said.

“It has caused more people to come here.”

Natalie Brown said she travelled to Leumeah station when she failed to find a space at Campbelltown.

Mr Warren would like to car park built that is free for the public to use.

He hopes to achieve bi-partisan support for the proposal.

He said a car park would be of benefit to commuters in Camden and Wollondilly as well as those in Campbelltown.

“A survey conducted by Campbelltown Council showed 59 per cent of commuters at the station lived outside the Campbelltown local government area, [including Camden],” he said.

“Those Camden residents aren’t to blame for the parking mess at the station. Like everyone, they need somewhere to park their cars.”

Residents interested in signing Mr Warren’s petition can do so at his electoral office, 3/72 Queen Street, Campbelltown.