Firefighters rescue pregnant cow at The Oaks

Picton firefighters rescued a pregnant cow stuck in a dam on Thursday, May 31.

Picton Fire and Rescue crews were called to a property on Glendiver Road, The Oaks at about 11am.

Captain Bill Morris said the crew found the cow submerged in water.

“The cow had been stuck in the mud in the dam for four to six hours,” he said.

“The water was up to her chest.”

The crew did not need their technical gear only a timber plank and rope.

“We slid a large timber sleeper into the water,” Mr Morris said.

“She was trying to thrust up out of the water because she was scared as we moved closer.

“She flung herself out of the mud, walked up along the timber plank and out of the water.”

Mr Morris said the owners were very relieved and grateful to see the cow free.

“The owners didn’t know how or why she got herself into the dam,” he said.

“The cow was distressed and tired.

“After she got out the water she went straight to eat some grass.

“The cow and the unborn calf seemed fine.”