Commuters outraged by parking fines at Leumeah Train Station

The entry to the Leumeah Train Station commuter car park. Picture: Google Maps
The entry to the Leumeah Train Station commuter car park. Picture: Google Maps

Commuters have been left fuming after being slugged $110 for parking illegally at Leumeah Train Station.

The Advertiser has received multiple emails from residents who returned to their cars to find an unwanted ticket on their windscreen.

One of those was Mount Annan resident Dominic Bui Viet.

The 21-year-old university student was fined for parking illegally at the far northern end of the north west commuter car park.

Mr Bui Viet said there were no designated parking bays where he parked, however there were a host of vehicles there already so “he didn’t think anything of it at the time”.

“The car park was full and the only space was at the back,” he said.

“There was ample room.

“(When I returned) and saw the fine on my windshield I thought ‘this is ridiculous’.

“I wasn’t hindering anyone and that section could easily be turned into more (parking) spaces.”

The former Hurlstone Agricultural High School student was particularly aggrieved as he said there was only one small sign at the entrance of the car park that stated vehicles must be parked within designated bays.

Campbelltown Council director of city development, Jim Baldwin, said there had been no additional focus on car parks illegally in the car parked.

And he said there was still ample room for all commuters to park their vehicles.

“The Leumeah car park is sign posted at the entry to the car park as a restricted parking zone,” he said.

“On entering the car park, signage advises the driver that all cars using the parking facility are to be parked within designated parking bays or fines will apply.

“It is accepted that with the surrounding growth, that the spare capacity of the car park is being taken up, but it is the council’s observation that there still remains capacity in the car park in its current configuration at most times.”

“Notwithstanding this, the council is currently working on a new plan to provide more parking spaces on the site to accommodate the increased parking demand.”

The fine added salt to the wound for Mr Bui Viet, who had only started to park at Leumeah due to necessity.

He used to catch the train from Macarthur Train station, which is closer to his home, but the recent introduction of paid parking at the nearby Macarthur Square car park forced him to explore other options. 

The lack of available spaces at Campbelltown Train Station also required him to look elsewhere.

A reader said she had been in contact with Camden MP Chris Patterson’s office and was told the Campbelltown council would waive the fines. That could also not be confirmed.