Truckies avoid safety cameras at Bargo

More trucks: Bargo Progress Association president John Knyvett wants safety cameras to be installed on Avon Dam Road. Picture: Simon Bennett
More trucks: Bargo Progress Association president John Knyvett wants safety cameras to be installed on Avon Dam Road. Picture: Simon Bennett

The Bargo Progress Association has called on Roads and Maritime Service to put a Safe-T-Cam on the Avon Dam Road off-ramp.

The request comes after association president John Knyvett noticed an increase in trucks movements on local Bargo roads.

Mr Knyvett said truck drivers coming from the south avoided cameras on the Hume Highway by taking the off-ramp, travelling along Remembrance Drive to the railway bridge near Bargo Showground. 

He said they then turned left, crossed over the bridge, then turned right onto Avon Dam Road before heading back onto the Hume Highway.

Mr Knyvett suggested it was all in an effort to avoid detection.

The Safe-T-Cams monitor driver fatigue, registration and if drivers fail to enter Heavy Vehicle Safety Stations.

Mr Knyvett said he had contacted the RMS to complain about the issue.

“The RMS needs to put safety cameras on Avon Dam Road off-ramp so the drivers don’t avoid detection,” he said.

“The drivers are probably avoiding having their photograph taken so they can drive for longer hours.

“RMS caused the problem by installing the camera, it is aware of the problem and now it needs to fix the problem.”

Roads and Maritime Services spokeswoman said RMS was aware of the issue and had installed monitoring systems to gauge the severity of the problem to determine a long term solution.

“Due to the expense and complexity involved in installing and/or relocating the Safe-T-Cam system, RMS is engaged in a comprehensive study so an evidence based solution can be found,” she said.

“Safe-T-Cam avoidance is against the law and jeopardises efforts by RMS to make NSW roads safer for all road users.”

Mr Knyvett said it was also the responsibility of drivers to “do the right thing”.

“I am concerned because Avon Dam Road is already in poor condition and it is getting chopped up further by the trucks,” he said.

“It was never designed to be a main road.

“The truck drivers are doing the wrong thing.”

The RMS website states Safe-T-Cam avoidance is a breach of road transport law.

“A number of drivers have been detected actively trying to avoid enforcement cameras, via tailgating, covering or obscuring number plates, or driving on the wrong side of the road,” the website says.

“The number of enforcement actions being issued for these types of offences is increasing as Roads and Maritime has developed a range of ways to detect and identify the offending vehicles and their drivers.”

*The owner of the truck pictured above said his trucking business was not in breach of any road regulations and his drivers did not avoid safety cameras on the highway.