Camden Council want M9 orbital to be underground

Camden Council has announced it will only support the M9 Outer Sydney Orbital route if it is built underground.

The council released its draft submission to Transport for NSW about the proposed motorway and frieght rail line this morning.

Its submission also states the council does not support the proposed corridor in its current form. 

The council could “only offer support to the OSO project subject to the future orbital corridor being provided underground, wherever it is likely to directly impact existing residential and commercially occupied property, as well as land of heritage and environmental significance,” the report said.

The proposed M9 orbital route connects Box Hill in the north and the Hume Motorway, near Menangle, in the south. 

There are 58 properties in the Camden local government area which are wholly or partly within the proposed road corridor.

More than 400 homes are within 500 metres of the proposed road while more than 1000 properties are within one kilometre of the orbital route.

Camden Council’s report also states that the current orbital route would have serious implications for its Rural Lands Strategy 2017.

The strategy was adopted by council to protect Camden’s remaining rural lands, retain valued scenic and cultural landscapes, avoid rural land fragmentation and enhance Camden’s rural economy.

The report said that the current orbital route would ‘contradict’ all of the principles contained in the strategy.

Council’s submission also asked Transport for NSW to consult with the wider community, not just people directly affected by the planned motorway corridor.

Camden Councillors will vote on the draft submission at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Read Camden Council’s draft submission here.