Bus route adds ‘insult to injury’ for Campbelltonians

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren (right).
Campbelltown MP Greg Warren (right).

Travelling by bus from Campbelltown to the Service NSW Centre in Gregory Hills got a whole lot harder at the start of this month.

As of Sunday, May 6, the 896 bus service operating between Campbelltown and Oran Park changed its route.

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said under the old route, customers boarded a bus at Campbelltown Train Station and disembarked at the intersection Camden Valley Way and Oran Park Drive – 700 metres from the Service NSW Centre – 30 minutes later.

Now, the closest drop off point was at the intersection of Camden Valley Way and Sir Warwick Fairfax Drive – 1200 metres from the Service NSW Centre.

The only other alternative, Mr Warren said, was to change at Narellan and board the 841 service.

He said the new route “added insult to injury” for Campbelltown residents.

“You wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but somehow the Liberal government have managed to make life even harder for Campbelltown residents trying to get to the Service NSW Centre.

“As if it wasn’t bad enough that they closed our motor registry and moved it out to Gregory Hills, they’ve now come in and cut the only direct bus service between Campbelltown and Gregory Hills.

“Not everyone needing to go to a Service NSW Centre has a car. Whether it’s a pensioner getting their seniors card, someone with a disability getting their photo ID card or anyone else that doesn’t have a car, the lack of public transport access to the Service NSW Centre at Gregory Hills is a major problem.

“The government needs to fix this immediately and ensure that residents in Campbelltown are able to access the Service NSW easily, affordably and conveniently.”

A Transport NSW spokesman said the change provided a more direct service between Oran Park, Harrington Park and Campbelltown.

“A new Route 840 (Leppington to Campbelltown via Gregory Hills) will provide a new link in the Gregory Hills area and will be introduced later this year,” he said.​

“In the meantime, there are alternative travel options available for customers and students travelling between Gregory Hills and Campbelltown.

“Customers can travel to Narellan on Route 841 and transfer to frequent services operating between Narellan and Campbelltown.”