Camden filmmaker wins Hollywood award

When immigrant Wen Denaro arrived in Australia after the events in Tienanmen Square she had a tough time adjusting to western life.

But a visit to the Camden History Museum helped her to find her place within her new community.

“I yearned for a sense of belonging,” she said.

“The museum made me realise that early Chinese settlers to this area perhaps experienced the same feelings.

“So I wanted to tell their story and mine.”

Ms Denaro decided to make a short documentary on their lives called 100 Yards of Silk.

The Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards organisation saw the documentary and selected it as a finalist for an award.

Thousands of films were selected to compete for the award, of which only 28 were chosen as finalists.

100 Yards of Silk went on to win the prestigious Award of Recognition in the Short Film category.

“Our team was thrilled to win the award,” Ms Denaro said.

“We told the story from the heart and we are grateful other hearts responded.”

Researchers from the Camden museum helped Ms Denaro to produce the film which showcases the experience of Chinese settlers in Camden.

“The documentary delves into their hardships and sometimes heart-breaking experiences, along with their hard work, success and contributions to Camden Hospital and Australian society in the 1920s,” Ms Denaro said.

The avid filmmaker encourage other locals to get behind the camera and tell their story.

“Each of us has a story to tell, a story that arises at times from our most painful experiences,” she said.

“Tell the story from the heart, other hearts may be encouraged and inspired as a result.

“This will bring humanity together for the better.”