Local DJs make it on world stage

Aaron Grace and Aaron Tilse may have grown up in Wollondilly’s country towns but now they are making waves in the international DJ scene.

The best friends are the hardstyle music producers behind Dillytek.

Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre mixing influences from techno and hardcore.

And after working for years writing, producing and performing music, the mates will release their debut album Sound in Motion.

Mr Grace, 29 grew up in Tahmoor and Mr Tilse, 30, grew up in Bargo. 

The pair have been producing music since 2010 but have been friends since they played soccer together as kids.

They became best friends when they turned 18 and their love of music grew.

“We became close after listening to DJs when we went out clubbing or went to metal concerts,” Mr Grace said.

“Then we started writing music.”

Dillytek’s first gig was at Picton Hotel.

“We are proud that we have come from small towns and we have achieved many milestones,” Mr Grace said.

“When we decided to pursue music it was all or nothing for us. It had been our dream for a long time.

“The journey has been surreal and we still have many more achievements we want to reach.”

Dillytek is signed to major record label Dirty Workz and the duo are building the band’s profile through performing at major festivals and clubs.

Mr Grace said one of the highlights was performing on the main stage at Defqon Australia, a major hardstyle festival in Penrith. They play at the festival annually.

“We closed the main stage at Defqon in Penrith one year and there were 25,000 people at the festival,” he said.

“It’s a great feeling when you stand up in front of a packed out crowd.

“It was surreal because we couldn’t see where the people started and ended. The crowd was going hectic.”

They have also played at the “holy grail” of hardstyle festivals – Defqon in The Netherlands.

“It was out of this world to perform at Defqon in The Netherlands,” Mr Grace said.

“It is great when we travel to other side of the world and people know our songs. It is phenomenal and a real rush.

“And the experience is made better because I am able to share it with my best mate.”

In July the duo will perform at festivals in Belgium and Croatia.

Mr Grace said he and Mr Tilse regularly played at a Sydney club, Masif Saturdays, on the weekends and have toured to Canberra, Newcastle, Queensland, Melbourne and Western Australia.

“We have quite a following in Sydney,” he said. “We feel more energetic and feed off the crowd when the fans are going crazy.

“We also like to play at intimate clubs because we can be close to our fans.”

Mr Grace said Dillytek’s music and album was “euphoric and energetic” with a “hard edge” but was accessible to all listeners.

The release date for the album will be announced soon.

“The album is a showcase of us as producers and the different ways we can play our music,” Mr Grace said.

“We have poured our hard work, energy and emotions into the album and we can’t wait for it to be released.”

He said the pair produced music in a home recording studio in Elderslie.

“We try to produce music any spare moment we can,” he said.

“It can get difficult because we both work full time, produce music, play gigs and see family.

“We try to catch up two to three times a week.”

Mr Grace encouraged residents to support the local duo by listening to their music or going to a hard style festival.

Details: Dillytek on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and website.