World's Greatest Shave event raises thousands

Noah Douglas’s long flowing hair will soon be made into a wig for children living with cancer after he braved the shave this afternoon.

The 12-year-old Elderslie Public School student started growing his hair five years ago when he heard that locks were used to make wigs for children who had lost their hair during cancer treatment.

He decided to take part in the World’s Greatest Shave to raise funds as well as donate his hair.

Noah’s mother Julie said she was proud of his efforts to raise funds.

“When I checked this morning we had raised more than $1700,” she said.

“It’s pretty impressive – we went on Kyle and Jackie O yesterday and talked about it and we got some more donations.

“We had a tin at Camden RSL Club and Noah collected money at his soccer games as well.

“The school also did a mufti day today with a gold coin donation going towards the cause.”

Changes ahead: 12-year-old Noah Douglas has braved the shave for a good cause. Picture: Kayla Osborne

Changes ahead: 12-year-old Noah Douglas has braved the shave for a good cause. Picture: Kayla Osborne

The Douglas’ will also run a raffle with prizes supplied by local businesses including a bike, accommodation at a local hotel and more. Each donation will receive a chance to win the prizes.

Ms Douglas said Noah is often mistaken for a girl in public but he takes it all in his stride.

“We turned up for a soccer grading day and they said they couldn’t find his name on the list,” she said.

“But when the guy started to realise I was calling Noah a ‘him,’ he said, ‘Oh it’s a boy’ and got out the boy’s list. Sometimes we will go out for lunch and the people behind the counter will say, ‘have a good day ladies’.

“But he is such a confident kid so he just tends to go along with it – it hasn’t bothered him.”

Ms Douglas said Noah was excited and nervous about the shave.

“Originally we were just going to do a short hair cut but Noah decided that people have been so supportive that he would like to shave it all off,” she said.

“He’s worried about looking ugly and I think he will be lost without it for a while but he said to me he can’t wait to play soccer without his hair.”

Donations for the World’s Greatest Shave are open until the end of June.

Donate to Noah’s campaign, at: