Missing Mary Poppins returns to Bowral on the eve of the equinox

Mary returns on the eve of the equinox

Mary Poppins may have had too many spoons full of sugar if her active behaviour of late is any indication.

The Mary Poppins statue that is a common sight in Glebe Park, Bowral, disappeared in early March. All that was left was a note that read “Mary Poppins is safe in our custody. She is just taking a jolly holiday. Yours faithfully, The Neleus Guild.”

Southern Highlands Youth Arts Council secretary Paul McShane said he understood the Neleus Guild was connected to a Mary Poppins’ story about a moving statue.

The disappearance was followed by several sightings of the bronze statue at locations around the world. 


Mr McShane said she even visited her sister-statue in Maryborough. 

But on the eve of March 19 she returned to her rightful home in Bowral.

Mr McShane said she looked “very much refreshed” but still a little restless.

He said the return was accompanied by another “mysterious letter” that read “Mary Poppins has returned from her jolly holiday around the globe. But her world is still spinning… Happy Autumn Equinox.” 

The typed letter was signed off by The Neleus Guild with a clarifier “Sorry we are a secret society, so no return address or phone number.”

Mary moved once more overnight with the equinox falling on March 20. 

Mr McShane said the turn was a common habit of the statue since it took up residence in Glebe Park in December 2013.

Author PL Travers spent her teen years living in a house in Holly Street, Bowral, where is believed the story of a nanny who floated in on the north wind was born. It is understood Travers would tell such a story to her younger sisters. 

Mr McShane and his daughter, Melissa, were the driving force behind a campaign to bring Highlands connection to light.

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