Badgerys Creek airport won’t affect Camden Airport, CEO says

The impending Western Sydney Airport will not threaten the future of Camden Airport, Sydney Metropolitan Airports’ chief executive has said.

Lee de Winton, who is in charge of both Camden and Bankstown airports, said a great team of people was working to ensure the new airport at Badgerys Creek – due to be up and running in 2026 – would have as little impact on Camden as possible.

“I have been invited to be the industry representative on the Forum on Western Sydney Airport and part of our duties as representatives is to ensure we are communicating with our communities,” she said.

“We need to proactively ensure information and feedback occurs.

“I am confident that not only are the correct teams involved in this but that sufficient time is being spent to consider all the issues, including Bankstown and Camden General Aviation in the plans, especially as these airports are one of the cornerstones of training to meet Australia’s aviation needs and are home to the majority of the Sydney Emergency Services.”

Ms de Winton said expansion of Camden Airport was not a major priority.

“Camden is a beautiful and picturesque community airport in an amazing location,” she said.

“There are still areas that we can use to expand the airport, which would include space for one or two more hangars, but the airport won’t change dramatically.

“Anything above a few more aircraft and limited expansion isn’t a consideration for us.”

Ms de Winton doesn’t expect that the increased air traffic in Sydney once the Badgerys Creek airport is operational will have an effect on the strong hobby flight market at Camden.

She said plans were being made to ensure the airspace was appropriately shared.

“Most general aviation flying takes place outside of controlled or regulated airspace,” she said.

“Given the teams involved in looking at the airspace holistically, I’m confident that a solution will be reached that accommodates all the airspace users.”

Ms de Winton said Camden Airport was successful because it had a strong team and a host of successful businesses aligned with it.

“Camden Airport does have a long and successful history,” she said.

“It is a beautiful and picturesque airport that combines gliding and powered aircraft. 

“But saying all that, it’s the team there that makes the difference – the business’ that are proud to be there, my staff that love the airport and the great service from the Airservices Australian Air Traffic Controllers.

“The part [Camden and Bankstown] airports play in serving the community of not only Western Sydney but the Eastern City, and also NSW from an Emergency Services perspective cannot be overstated. 

“The airports are also home to approximately 150 businesses including 15 flying schools and associated maintenance and support organisations. 

“Sydney Metro Airports is proud to not only serve the community but to educate our future generation of aviation professionals and I’m proud to be a part of that.”


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