Macarthur dam levels drop but residents urged not to worry

There is no doubt about it – warmer weather conditions have shrunken the region’s dam water levels.

But Water NSW said there was no reason to worry.

This time last year Warragamba Dam was at 89 per cent capacity but this year the dam has dropped to 80 per cent.

Avon has also dropped from 77.2 per cent to 74.9 per cent.

Cataract Dam – which supplies Macarthur with its drinking water – had the largest drop in capacity from 78 per cent to just 57 per cent.

Cordeaux Dam is currently at 59.6 per cent capacity, which is down from 75.5 per cent last year, while Nepean Dam is at 68.9 per cent which is down from 72.6 per cent.

A Water NSW spokesman said due to the drier weather, dam levels were expected to drop further.

But he said Macarthur residents should not be concerned about a water shortage.

“Sydney’s overall water security is good, with the total storages at a combined 77.5 per cent of capacity,” the spokesman said.