Seniors back to school trip a great success

It’s not everyday that 90-year-olds can be found conducting science experiments.

But that is what some of Carrington Aged Care’s Mary McKillop assisted living residents did yesterday.

Eight residents aged between 81 and 99 took a trip to Magdalene Catholic High School to take part in science and technology classes.

Beulah Midson, 93, said she enjoyed meeting the students and taking part in lessons.

“Science wasn’t even around when I was in school,” she said.

“It has been lovely seeing what the students do [in class].”

The residents were also treated to a lunch cooked by year 10 home economics students.

Carrington staff created uniforms for each of the participants.

Magdalene representative Sharon Borg said the program was beneficial for students and the Carrington residents. 

“To bring the residents back to the school allows students to show the residents around and find out what life was like for them back in their school days,” she said.

“It closes the generation gap.

“Some students don’t have grandparents in their lives so you get to see a side to some students you don’t normally get to see – that compassionate and patient side.”

Ms Borg said the program could work at other schools in the region.

“I think it is great for the students and the residents,” she said.

“It’s a good insight for the youth of today and something they can learn from.”