Toilets on the agenda

Spring Farm’s new park has been a hot topic amongst residents and councillors alike, with the lack of toilet facilities causing particular concern.

At last night’s council meeting councillors unanimously agreed to investigate what it would cost to build a toilet block and shade structures at the new playground located at Burrell Road, Spring Farm.

Councillor Peter Sidgreaves said he put the idea forward due to comments he had seen on social media.

“I had a look at Facebook and people were raving about how fantastically positive the park is but it would be even better if there was a toilet block and a shade structure to enhance an already very good playground,” he said.

The park was built by Spring Farm developers, the Cornish Group, as a part of their commitment to the area.

The developer was not required to install a toilet block as a part of this agreement.

Cr Michael Morrison said he was surprised that a park of such a significant size had no toilet block to begin with.

“I think we have to do better than that,” Mr Morrison said.

“I think that it is very important that these things are considered.

“It’s a lovely place to play but we need to do better in future.”

Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak agreed toilets should have been installed prior to the park opening.

“Providing toilets for parks that are expected to attract a large amount of people is a big priority,” she said.

“I think this decision will be well received by the community.”

Cr Sidgreaves also mentioned that the bins often filled up early and litter had become a problem at the park.

He asked council staff to assess whether more bins or more frequent rubbish pick ups were needed.

“People were saying they would get there early on Saturday or Sunday mornings and there were empty alcohol cans around the park,” he said.

“This is a park targeted at children so we don’t want that stuff there.”

Camden Council general manager Ron Moore said council staff would also liaise with Camden police to add the park to the police task list so a patrol car would visit the area occasionally.

The council will also seek public feedback about the shade structure design.