Campbelltown no crime capital

Break and enters in Campbelltown are down.
Break and enters in Campbelltown are down.

If you thought homes in Camden or Wollondilly were safer than Campbelltown, think again.

And there are statistics to back it up.

In the 12 months leading up to July there were 241 Campbelltown homes were broken into – 190 less than the 12 months before.

The amount of steal from motor vehicle incidents also dropped from 606 to 467, while robberies and stolen vehicles were down 16 per cent and six per cent, respectively.

Campbelltown crime manager Detective Inspector Greg Inger said the drop in crime rates was pleasing – particularly when it came to break and enters.

“Last month we only had nine and that was the lowest in the entire region,” he said.

“I started here 20 years ago and off the top of my head, we would have had 100 (break and enters) a month then.

“There were also only eight stolen vehicles. These are offences people are most concerned about – walking down the street safely and the safety of their car and house.

“They aren’t small reductions, they’re significant.”

Detective Inspector Inger said the drop in offences weren’t a one-off, and the rates had been steadily declining over the past five years.

But he couldn’t pinpoint one reason for the fall.

He said a combination of education, targeting known criminals and the community looking out for one another had all played a role in making Campbelltown a safer place.

“This (drop) is not because one thing occurred. There are a lot of reasons,” he said.

Rightly or wrongly, Campbelltown has earned a reputation hub for criminals.

But Detective Inspector Inger said that simply wasn’t the case – at least not now anyway.

“Campbelltown is not dangerous or a terrible place to go – it’s a great place,” he said.

“Twenty years ago it was pretty wild here, you’d go from job to job.

“But I don’t get that sense anymore.

“There will always be spikes in crime but the feeling here is that everything is relatively controlled (at the moment).

“This is a good feeling story we want to get out.”