Camden inventor helps hunters find ghosts

Pictures: Simon Bennett
Pictures: Simon Bennett

Graham Lewis started out as a skeptic but now he swears ghosts are real.

The Narellan Vale resident and electrical engineer developed an interest in ghost hunting after his father passed away in 1997.

Mr Lewis said his father appeared to him in a dream to tell him he was “fine”.

This dream sparked Mr Lewis’ interest in the paranormal.

He now builds his own custom-made ghost hunting equipment in his backyard workshop.

“When I became interested in ghost hunting a few years back the equipment that I had was lacking,” he said.

“So I decided to build my own equipment using different bits and pieces and I have had a lot of success.

“I was a skeptic so I just wanted proof you know – I have seen too much now to say it’s not real.”

Mr Lewis uses a range of different items to create his inventions.

“I put together a camera using a Kinect motion sensor camera from an Xbox which has worked really well,” he said.

“Stick figures will appear on the camera screen when a ghost shows up – one time I saw one so I waved and it waved back at me.”

Mr Lewis decided to start his own business in May this year.

“I was making it for myself for a while but then as more people saw the equipment on hunts they would ask me where I got it from,” he said.

“My wife says some of the equipment looks like it’s from Ghostbusters.

“I even hire equipment out. When people use it for the first time out in the field they often don’t want to go home – they’re stunned by the success.”

Mr Lewis along with his wife and daughter go on regular ghost hunts, locally and across NSW.

“It’s the family spirit,” he joked.

Mr Lewis said he had never been scared ghost hunting – except for one occasion.

“The most terrifying night of my life was at the quarantine station in Manly,” he said.

“It was my first hunt so I went in big and bold and made the stupid mistake of asking the spirit to come back to my room with me.

“From about 2am onwards I couldn’t sleep – there was a lot of noise.”

Mr Lewis said Gledswood Homestead was a local hot spot for paranormal activity.

“We’ve had so many interesting experiences there,” he said.

“We’re very respectful of the ghosts. It’s like meeting someone new for the first time.

“I always say it’s just human nature, except they’re dead.”