Spirited author shares ghost tales

Not everybody can say they’ve developed a rapport with Fred Fisher.

But Glenfield’s Jeanette Kamper can. And it’s not just the annual festival’s namesake she has built a relationship with – it’s also his murderer, George Worrall.

Ms Kamper regularly communicates with ghosts, spirits and other residents of the supernatural sphere.

With her team at Sydney Investigation Ghost Tours, Ms Kamper travels across NSW in search of the no longer living.

They are just as keen to debunk hauntings as they are to prove them.

Ms Kamper has pulled some of her most interesting and mystifying experiences on ghost hunts into a book: Australia’s Haunted History.

With contributions from other notable members of the paranormal scene, the book is a collection otherworldly tales.

“I worked with a lot of people high up in the paranormal world,” Ms Kamper said.

“We’ve all got so many stories to share.

“It’s made up of our own personal experiences, everything from alien interactions, possession, hauntings and other mayhem.”

Jenny Van Genderen

Ms Kamper said she had been investigating the paranormal for so many years she could have filled several books, but settled on only the very best stories.

Her team frequently holds workshops and talks at Campbelltown Town Hall Theatre – where the book launch event will be held on Saturday, April 8 – and in her time she has developed strong relationships with resident ghosts.

“We communicate with a lot of people, including Fred Fisher and George Worrall,” she said.

“We have help from several mediums to establish connections and we do, not exactly seances, but similar things to speak with them.

“I’m sensitive to that, so I’ve really worked on getting to know spirits like Fred and George.”

The investigators have a slew of equipment, including electro-magnetic frequency meters, a ‘mechanical dictionary’ for connecting with spirits and a trusty SLR camera, to help them reach out to and identify ghosts and other paranormal beings.

Ms Kamper said she welcomes sceptics to come along to the book’s launch night and learn more about what they do.

“We love sceptics, I have great respect for them,” she said.

“With sceptics we really have to do our research and prove ourselves.

“We don’t want to fool anyone, so if we can change a sceptic’s mind we’re doing our jobs.”

Tickets for the launch event are $15 pre-booked or $20 at the door.

The book can be ordered from sydneyinvestigationghosttours.com.au.


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