Camden Council ballots announced

Voters will have plenty of people to choose from when Camden Council elections take place on September 10.

The ballot draw on Wednesday, August 10 attracted independent, Labor and Liberal representatives for each ward.

Independent candidates drew the best positions on the ballot followed by Labor representatives – the Liberal party’s best position was Group C.

In total 35 candidates will compete for the nine positions on Camden Council.

Councillors will serve for a total of four years

The incumbent councillors who will lead their group are Therese Fedeli, Lara Symkowiak, Eva Campbell, Greg Copeland and Peter Sidgreaves.

Therese Fedeli will contest the central ward and Lara Symkowiak will contest the north ward.

Peter Sidgreaves, Eva Campbell and Greg Copeland will all stand for the South Ward.

South ward and independent candidate David Funnell has served on council many times since the 1970s.

He said he hoped to have another go this year.

“Things are not going the way they could be,” he said.

“I have no alignment with any political party but I will support any decision in the best interest of Camden.”

Mr Funnell said one of his priorities would be to tackle the big picture issues.

“We have a growing and developing community, but we have some major problems with employment and infrastructure,” he said.

“Camden has been very good to me and I want to return the favour.”

Incumbent councillor Greg Copeland said he hoped to continue the good work council had done in the last four years.

“I want to see more youth spaces like Birriwa, and ensure sporting groups get the space and dollars they deserve,” he said.

Mr Copeland said he prided himself on being ‘passionate, positive and proactive.’

“Council has done a lot of positive things, like the new administration building and leasing the old adminisitration buildings,” he said.

“The new art gallery and the Narellan Sports Hub are big, positive things for the community.”

The candidates are:


Group A Independent: Scott Metcalfe, Robert Mills, Rebecca Cook

Group B Independent: Peter McLean, George Lopa, Linda Robyn

Group C Australian Labor Party: Ashleigh Cagney, Aoife Champion, Craig Storkey

Group D Liberal: Therese Fedeli, John Ryan, Brooke Logoitumua


Group A Independent: Danica Sajn, John Vella, Richard Steel

Group B Australian Labor Party: Cindy Cagney, Wendy Underwood, Thomas Gersbach

Group C Liberal: Lara Symkowiak, Michael Morrison, Tony Law

Ungrouped Independent: Donald Wright


Group A Independent: Greg Copeland, David Harvey, Mark Dooner

Group B Australian Labor Party: Paul Farrow, Sally Quinnell, Harry Stait-Gardner

Group C Independent: David Furnell, Mary O’Brien-Doherty, Sarah Cleaton

Group D Liberal: Peter Sidgreaves, Debbie Dewberry, Ken Winton

Group E Independent: Eva Campbell, Keith Hart, Maryann Turner

Ungrouped Independent: Henry Lewocki