More homes in the Scenic Hills debated

Development in the Scenic Hills, the green belt that divides Campbelltown and Camden, has long divided public opinion.

A development proposal approved at the Camden Council meeting on Tuesday, July 12 did nothing to ease the tension among Macarthur residents.

The proposal aimed to re-zone a 40 acre site on Raby Road, Leppington, which would have resulted in the construction of 32 homes in the Scenic Hills.

Camden Councillor and Campbelltown MP Greg Warren voted against the development at the council meeting.

He said the re-zoning of the land would have a negative impact on the environment.

“I believe the density of the proposed development imposes too much on the present green space,” he said.

“I don’t like spot re-zoning, and in the face of growth I believe we need to preserve our green space.”

Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak voted in favour of the proposal.

She said the significant amount of work done by the applicant – the Simonetta family, who have owned the land for forty years – ensured a smooth transition for the site’s future home owners helped to make her decision.

“I also think one acre blocks are few and far between in the Camden LGA,” she said.

“It is a good transition to rural areas from more built up areas, I supported it for that reason.”

Thousands of homes will also be constructed in the nearby Emerald Hills estate on smaller blocks.

Carmelite nun Sister Jocelyn Kramer said she was concerned that development continued to occur in the Scenic Hills region.

“The main reason we are against this proposal is because it puts the Scenic Hills at greater risk,” she said.

“These homes will be close to the protection lands and may set a precedent for development on the Campbelltown side.

“There is nothing wrong with the site as it is now.”

The Advertiser was unable to reach TN Consulting – the firm representing the applicant – for comment.